As of the neck end of 2018 and with me losing a bit of interest in Destiny 2 on the PS4, I kinda reverted back to gaming on the PC and made a shiny new account on Steam.

I must admit, it’s quite good being back in PC gamer land again but I’m rusty as hell with the kboard/mouse combo control and I’m very much a joypad drongo these days. Also the fact that I’ve pimped up my PC rig with dual monitors and bought a rather nice Logitech XL gaming mat to whizz the rodent around on, it’s given me further inspiration to get my eye back in.

I’ve mainly been playing old skool FPSes so far like Serious Sam, Doom and Unreal Tourny and it’s been great fun. I’ve also hooked up with a few old contacts (heya Alan and Lee) plus a few other friends on there, so it’s been cool chewing the gaming fat with them.