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Brit summertime begins (again)


The clocks have changed, we are now privvy to an extra hours light per day and we can finally say tatty bye to all that dark rubbish!

S.A.D sufferers can now put down the medication and start enjoying life again!

The apocalypse sire? Surely not!

Ye gods! What manner of witchcraft is causing this yellow ball of fire to emit intense heat from the heavens?

We are most unfamiliar with this vision of loveliness. 😎

** this post was supposed to be uploaded a few days ago but the sodding mobile WP app is refusing to work?

Spammers Feck Off!

It appears my recent posts have attracted numerous spammers/spambots already? Christ, that was quick!

Obviously WordPress will be an absolute magnet for this kind of shite, so I’ve activated one of the spam filtering apps on my account.

Let’s see if it works….

It’s getting Steamy in here…

As of the neck end of 2018 and with me losing a bit of interest in Destiny 2 on the PS4, I kinda reverted back to gaming on the PC and made a shiny new account on Steam.

I must admit, it’s quite good being back in PC gamer land again but I’m rusty as hell with the kboard/mouse combo control and I’m very much a joypad drongo these days. Also the fact that I’ve pimped up my PC rig with dual monitors and bought a rather nice Logitech XL gaming mat to whizz the rodent around on, it’s given me further inspiration to get my eye back in.

I’ve mainly been playing old skool FPSes so far like Serious Sam, Doom and Unreal Tourny and it’s been great fun. I’ve also hooked up with a few old contacts (heya Alan and Lee) plus a few other friends on there, so it’s been cool chewing the gaming fat with them.

Is Lord Lucan in the house?

Mmm.. well it’s nearly been a whole year
(bar a couple of days) since I updated this blog and considering I was going to keep on top of things and try to post something regularly, it’s all slightly embarrassing.

But hey ho, never mind eh. ūüôā

The main thing is, we’re back and I’ve managed to reset my log in deets once I found out which email addy it was sending the reset link too!


Brit Summertime Begins

About bloody time!!!

Sega Classics on PS4

Ooh looky here! I’ve just noticed on Twatter that Sega are releasing a classics collection on the PS4, Eggsbox One and PC. wOOT!

I know it’s been done on previous platforms but it’ll have a modicum of upscaling and a 50 game collection is always a winner in my book.

I’m gutted it’s missing some top titles like Thunderforce IV and Outrun but there’s plenty to get stuck into none the less.

Hopefully it won’t be ridiculously expensive when it’s released on May 29th.

Let’s play!

March Update

  • Ascii colly nearly complete
  • Weather improving but still iffy
  • Shift work + overtime¬†¬†STATUS:¬†TIRED!
  • DESTINATION:¬†BED ….zzzzzzzz

Oldskool Ascii Revival

I’ve been snooping around my hard drives recently and came across an old Dropbox back up folder that contained a load of stuff from a group project I was part of but never happened.

Amongst the files were a load of ascii logos and banners that I designed and stored but unfortunately were never used in any productions. So after looking through them and realising I’d done more than I remembered, I decided to turn the better ones into a mini ascii colly and shove them online.

I’m working on the txt file when I get the chance but it should be an easy enough task to do and I always enjoyed designing logos and reading oldskool Amiga ascii collys and artpacks.

For those blissfully unaware of what ascii art is, a brief history goes like this….

Ascii (ass-kee) art is a design that is produced using only keyboard characters and utilising a monospaced (fixed width) font like courier or fixedsys on the PC. To produce these designs, you require some form of text editor program like Notepad or CygnusEd (CED) which was the weapon of choice on the Amiga.¬† Using the standard system fonts wasn’t really the best way of viewing logos on the Amiga, so freeware dedicated font packs were released by ascii artists to better show off designs – Micro Knight and p0T NoODLE were two of these fonts.

The ‘ascii scene’ was a demoscene subculture that arrived during the time of bulletin board systems on the Amiga and earlier platforms. During the time of modems and BBS’s,¬† board splash screens normally had a large ascii logo showing the board name and was surrounded by general info about the sysops and nodes.¬†Most BBS’s contained some form of ascii art and the more popular, elite boards had more flamboyant designs and banners often referred to as oldskool ascii.

BBS Splash Screen

This form of art duely evolved into pure ascii scene groups who released large collys (collections) that usually contained personal logo requests from other users, general group info, artist charts, design and more often than not, flamewars with other groups. These were fun to read and the constant accusations about other groups stealing designs (lame ripz) was always a giggle. These collys were then uploaded to bulletin boards and each archive containing the ascii text file would have it’s own¬†identifier or FILE_ID.DIZ file that contained info about the file. The files would then be distributed worldwide around the BBS network.

Another face of this art scene was ANSI, Block Ascii or High Ascii which was created using the keyboard extended characters. This was also used for BBS design but was mainly utilised in nFo files for group productions and releases.

Block Ascii

The ascii scene’s hey day was the mid to late 90’s, before the emergence of the internet and the demise of the Amiga. Even though the scene continues today on the PC and art collys are still released at demo parties, it’s nowhere near as prominent as it once was.

Please feel free to comment / amend / correct me on the above history lesson.


Drinky Poos

I’m slightly oiled typing this at the mo because a few friends of ours are home from Florida, so it’s down the pub for a catch up and excess consumption of fermented vegetable drinks.

Cheers!! 🍻

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