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Month: November 2017

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I’ve been poking around in the Wpress dashboard to try and get my head around the functions again and I noticed 4 new comments that needed verifying.

Guess what?  All utter tosh that was kicked into touch.  Bah!

Back in the game.

  • Sod all updates in the last 12 months… CHECK
  • Online lethargy… CHECK
  • Sod all updates in the last 12 months (have I said that already?)… CHECK

It appears the winter season is firmly upon us, it’s fecking freezing, it’s dark outside at 4pm and all you want to do is activate hibernation mode.

So what does this mean?

It means closing the blinds, getting all the lights on, cranking the central heating up to 10 and taking solace in our power sapping gadgets!

As this is the case, I thought it was about time to leave Phizbook and Twatter alone for a few mins and concentrate on kicking this blog into gear.

So here we go again, let the opinion orgy commence…

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