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Month: July 2016

Did somebody mention Euro ’16?


Let’s be honest, England’s display in this year’s European championships was nothing short of fucking shambolic!

No teamwork skills, no passion and a goalkeeper who was more focused on his next shampoo commercial than keeping his eye on the sodding ball! ⚽

That aside, Wales gave back a shred of diginity to the UK by making it to the last 8 and showing their best team for a long time. Bale and the boys went out of the competition with their heads held high and returned to a heroes welcome, whilst our rabble were flown home by Easyjet and publicly buggered on landing.

Here endeth the hiatus.. Erm.. 

Mmm, well ok, I did say that I would keep this blog updated on a regular basis and after the initial burst, I’ve become a right lazy shite. 

I have the WordPress app installed on my phone so have no real excuse not to punch in some words, publish them and justify my monthly fee for server space. 

My online presence these days mainly seems to consist of: undertaking general browsing tasks (reading constant drivel that constitutes itself as entertainment), music streaming, online shopping and playing Destiny. 

Hopefully, this little flutter of productivity will continue.. [watch this space]. 

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